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FlexIDS Electronic Flight Strips

FlexIDS is All Weather, Inc.'s latest generation of Integrated Display Systems (IDS).  FlexIDS is a full-featured system designed to collect and disseminate real-time mission-critical data to Air Traffic Contollers and other critical decision makers in the ATC environment. Developed with an architecture that is both modular and extensible, FlexIDS can be easily customized for any ATC environment, and can be expanded at any time. Electronic Flight Strips are just one of many modules available with FlexIDS.

Electronic Flight Strips are designed to work very much like paper strips but with several distinct advantages.

Developed by controllers for controllers

Touchscreen Graphic2

Our industry-leading electronic flight strip solution, FlexIDS EFS, provides what controllers need most: immediate access to key information and critical functions. The system provides instant access to flight, airport and gate data tailored to each assigned role or position, reducing voice communications and minimizing heads-down time. This advanced tower, terminal, airport and enroute coordination system offers controllers automated flight data management with easy-to-use touch-screen interaction.

The FlexIDS EFS system can also be configured to generate flow-management statistics, and supports data link clearance (DLC) through direct data exchange with the aircraft flight decks that use ARINC or SITA services.

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