AWI is the leading developer of surface and aviation weather measurement systems, and air traffic management solutions.

AWI's Lightning Display and Recording System

Featuring the Model 6500 Lightning Detection Sensor 6500_2

The Model 6500 Thunderstorm/Lightning Sensor detects electrical discharges associated with thunderstorms within a 200 nautical mile (nm) radius of the system. The Model 6500 is a passive sensor that listens for electromagnetic signals with a receiving antenna. There is no transmitter, and so no harmful transmissions.

A Powerful Network

LTX Concept_4 LTXWhen networked together, these highly accurate lightning detection sensors form a wide area view of lightning activity.  The lightning data is collected through a network that can be wireless or hard-wired, and is transmitted to a central server.  This server records the lightning data and displays it graphically as seen in the image to the left.  This information is not only available on the local display screen, but can also be made available over the internet.




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