Introducing the Model 6498 Present Weather Sensor from AWI. This highly accurate and rugged sensor is designed for a variety of applications including Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS).

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AWI is bringing the future of ATIS technology to airports around the world. FlexIDS ATIS includes TruVoice, AWI’s digital voice technology that ensures the greatest message clarity for your aerodrome information by eliminating traditional synthesized voice in favor of a digitally sampled human voice. FlexIDS even allows a single ATIS message to be broadcast in multiple languages with the same TruVoice quality no matter how many languages are needed.

FlexIDS ATIS surpasses other systems not only in sound quality, but in flexibility. When an unanticipated operational need arises, our Phrase Builder and Vocabulary Manager allow users to record new words or phrases and add them to the TruVoice library. New phrases can also be exported back to AWI for professional processing to maintain broadcast quality.


As with all FlexIDS products, FlexIDS ATIS is completely scalable making it the most cost-effective solution for any size facility. Find out more about all FlexIDS products at

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AWI is proud to add the Model 6498 to our excellent line of present weather sensors.  The Model 6498 combines the accuracy of forward-scatter visibility measurement with present weather readings in the form of SYNOP codes which include information regarding the intensity of precipitation.

The high speed sample rate used by the Model 6498 reduces the potential for errors during mixed or intermittent weather events giving users one of most accurate sensors on the market today. To ensure continuous operation, dew prevention heaters and anti-icing heaters are standard but can be disabled to save power when they are not needed. Visit our website for more information on our state of the art sensors.

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