Integrated Display Systems (IDS)

  • Complete integration of legacy displays

  • Supports all modern operating systems

  • Real-time monitoring built-in

  • Full administration through the network

Integrated Display System

FlexIDS is All Weather, Inc.'s latest generation of Integrated Display Systems (IDS) -- designed for Air Traffic Controllers and other critical decision makers in the ATC environment. Prior to integrated display systems, numerous individual display heads were required for weather, traffic, and surveillance data. FlexIDS graphically displays and integrates onto a single system all of your ATC products. The integration allows synergy between systems that was previously impossible, while lowering costs by eliminating the numerous display subsystems throughout your facilities. FlexIDS also includes complete monitoring and administration, all while providing platform flexibility that is inherent with our completely cross-platform package.

FlexIDS is a state-of-the-art, next-generation toolkit that provides real-time data collection and display dissemination. Using the display adaptation tool, FlexBuilder, FlexIDS also allows facilities to completely design and build display pages to suit their individual needs.

FlexIDS can run on a standalone computer, or on multiple computers in a LAN or LAN/WAN environment. It can display both static and dynamic data from any system that has a defined interface protocol. A touch screen friendly design allows movement between important data display screens with a single touch, while still allowing the use of all standard input devices.

Sectionals, enroute charts, approach plates, surface analysis charts, real time radar, braking action displays, wake turbulence separation timers and a multitude of others, are all instantly available at the touch of a finger. FlexIDS is the most powerful knowledge management tool for air traffic controllers available today.

Any data source that has a definable interface can be integrated into the AWI FlexIDS display system making it easy to combine data from critical data sources.

System Architecture

The AWI’s FlexIDS is designed to provide an end-to-end information display solution that is flexible, scalable, portable, and highly reliable.  Software components distribute sensor data and other important information across the entire Network.

Data Flow Graphic

1. Data enters from a variety of systems.  The data is then parsed, validated and prioritized.

2. A single message is sent out from the Communications Broker to the entire network.

3. All systems receive the data, and any subsystems that have expressed interest in the data receive a copy.