NAS Information Display System


In 2010, All Weather, Inc. was awarded a small-business set-aside contract to replace approximately 2,300 aging Integrated Display Systems (IDS4). The contract also supports the FAA's plan for scheduled replacement and updating of ACE-IDS displays (approximately 900 workstations), followed by replacement of the En Route Information Display System workstations (ERIDS - approximately 1,800 workstations).

This contract also covers installing or replacement of displays at several hundred smaller control towers that are currently lacking, or have very limited information display tools. The total contract value is $66.4 million over a six-year period.


Product Details & Features

The NIDS program is powered by AWI's FlexIDS product - a state-of-the-art, next-generation toolkit that provides real-time data collection and display dissemination.  This powerful and versatile tool integrates a number of systems displaying traffic, weather, and surveillance data, into one easy-to-use and fully customizable workstation.  With the addition of touch-screen technology this user-friendly design allows movement between important data display screens with a single touch.

FlexIDS is designed to provide an end-to-end information display solution that is flexible, scalable, portable, and highly reliable.  Software components distribute sensor data and other important information across the entire network.  Designed to operate in nearly any network environment, FlexIDS communicates via standard TCP/IP protocols.  The network architecture is designed for uninterrupted operation, with redundant servers and distributed processing to provide a highly dependable and stable integrated display system.


FlexIDS has been proven to increase efficiency by making information quick and easy to access, and also allows facilities to operate at a reduced cost by eliminating the need for numerous display subsystems.  Through the use of FlexIDS, the NIDS program is improving safety at every phase of an aircraft's flight.

Flight Phases


AWI has already installed one operational system in Nashville, TN and several IDSR support systems at the following locations:

  • William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ
  • FAA Academy – Air Traffic Database Administrators Course, Oklahoma City, OK
  • FAA Academy – Technical Operations Course, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Second Level Engineering (AJW), Oklahoma City, OK

Site surveys have been conducted at an additional 15 locations which support the production planning for installation and implementation.

Program Management

AWI's Program Managers have taken a multifaceted approach to executing and managing this Program.  AWI is on schedule for the first IOC in August 2013 at Nashville, TN.  The integration of the logistics support and three training courses represent a significant portion of the planned IOC success.  The entire $72M Program is scheduled for completion in FY2017.  Program Managers are involved at every level of planning and execution in order to provide a unified vision for the project and ensure milestones are reached on schedule.

Throughout the course of this program, our experienced Program and Project Managers will oversee...

  • Engineering, Design, & Test
  • Training
  • Production
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Installation

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