Cloud Height (Ceilometers)

  • Rugged, weather-proof sensors

  • Accurate and reliable

  • FAA Certified models available

Model 8339 Laser Ceilometer

The Model 8339 Laser Ceilometer measures cloud height and thickness, in addition to vertical visibility.  Unlike other ceilometers, the Model 8339 detects up to four cloud layers simultaneously to a distance of 25,000 vertical feet. Its precision makes it ideal for applications requiring the highest level of performance and reliability, such as aviation and meteorological studies.

In order to make these readings, a laser pulse is emitted into the atmosphere and back-scatter analyzed. Using the speed of light, the altitude of each cloud base and top is determined. Due to poorly defined borders or a sparse composition, some clouds are much more difficult to measure than others. Depending on the current and historical sky conditions, an adaptive algorithm determines the number of returns needed to maintain accuracy.

Accurate measurement of cloud height and thickness in all weather conditions, including heavy precipitation and low clouds, can cause serious errors in other ceilometers. AWI has applied proprietary algorithms and digital techniques developed over more than 20 years of cloud detection research and manufacturing, allowing the Model 8339 laser ceilometer to provide accurate information even in difficult circumstances.

Sensing circuits and optimization algorithms control the pulse frequency, output power and temperature of the laser itself in order to dramatically extend its life.  The Model 8339 executes an array of self-tests during operation, which detect faults and reports them.  These self-tests also identify the replaceable module associated with the fault, making trouble-shooting and repair as simple as possible.

For technical specifications and details, download our product data sheet.

Model 8340 Laser Ceilometer

The Model 8340 Laser Ceilometer uses a design similar to that of the 8339 however, with the addition of a more powerful laser and state-of-the-art firmware, the Model 8340 accurately reads cloud height, density, and vertical visibility to a distance of 40,000 vertical feet.

Keeping with the proven laser technology, the Model 8340 emits a laser pulse into the atmosphere and analyses back-scatter data to determine the top and bottom altitude of each cloud.  In order to maintain accuracy in even the most volatile situations, the Model 8340 applies proprietary adaptive algorithms to determine the number of returns required.

As with the Model 8339, the built-in self-diagnostics in all AWI Laser Ceilometers ensure that system repair and maintenance are quick and easy, allowing you maximum operating time, and minimal down time.

Technical specifications for the Model 8340 can be found in our product support library.