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Vehicular Weather Observing Systems (VWOS)


In 1996 All Weather, Inc was awarded a $20MM sub-contract to develop and supply the Vehicle Weather Observing System (VWOS) to KIA Motors; the main contractor for the supply of Nuclear, Chemical & Biological Reconnaissance Vehicles.  The program required deliveries over four-year period, commencing in June 1996 and was completed in December of 2000.

In February of 2005, AWI received an order from KIA Motors for another 11 systems which were delivered in 2005.

Product Details & Features

The VWOS product was comprised of a vehicle-mounted telescoping mast which housed sensors for wind speed, wind direction, and temperature.  In addition to the sensors in the mast, a ground temperature sensor was mounted externally on the vehicle and could be deployed at the operator's discretion.  These sensors report data to a small data collection box located on the vehicle, and transmit that data to the operator display and control terminal.  The data collection box also disseminates the sensor data to external and dash-mounted alarms when necessary.

VWOS System

The VWOS systems were designed for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting.  A service technician's laptop can be connected directly to the data collection box in order to configure or troubleshoot the system.


During the original four-year contract period, more than 150 systems were installed in reconnaissance vehicles in South Korea.  In 2005, AWI provided an additional 11 systems.

Program Management

All Weather, Inc.'s comprehensive Program Management department oversees all large contracts.  Their invaluable expertise ensures that our customer's expectations are always met and that contracts are completed on schedule.

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