In 1999 All Weather, Inc. was awarded a $4.3M contract to design, develop, and manufacture an advanced AWOS system known as AWSS (Automated Weather Sensor System). The original contract called for installation of 33 AWSS sites throughout the United States however a series of engineering changes requested by the FAA resulted in a reduction to only 17 systems.

Product Details & Features

The advanced AWSS system utilizes the complex National Weather Service ASOS algorithms for data processing and distribution. The met garden of the AWSS was designed with ruggedness, reliability, and serviceability in mind. This design includes a stainless steel enclosure, MIL spec connectors, extensive labeling to meet PASS safety requirements, and a comprehensive maintenance package.

The following components are standard on any AWSS:

  • Heated Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge (Model 6021-E)
  • Combination Temperature/Humidity Sensor (Model 5190)
  • Motor Aspirated Radiation Shield (Model 8190-A)
  • Wind Direction Sensor (Model 2020-A)
  • Wind Speed Sensor (Model 2030-A
  • Dual Technology Visibility Sensor (Model 8364-E)
  • Cloud Height Sensor (Model 8329-D)
  • Freezing Rain Sensor (Model 6491)
  • Present Weather Sensor (Model 6490-A)
  • Field Data Collection Unit (Model 1190-B)
  • Triple Barometric Pressure Sensor (Model 7190-A)
  • Terminal Data Acquisition Unit (Model M403351)


The first system was commissioned in the spring of 2005 with all remaining system commissioned by the end of that same calendar year.  In July of 2005 AWI received an order for the addition of 4 AWSS systems which were also commissioned in the same year.

Alaska AWSS hut adjusted

Program Management

All Weather Inc.'s comprehensive Program Management Department was involved in the AWSS project from design & proposal, all the way through to completion. Our project managers coordinated engineering and production efforts, and followed through with coordination of site work and installation. In keeping with the tradition of exceeding customer's expectations, AWI delivered all required system in accordance with the customer's timeline.

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