Ultrasonic Wind Sensors

  • Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Ideal Solution for Extreme Weather

  • No On-Site Calibration

Ultrasonic Winds

Model 2040 Ultrasonic Wind Sensor

The FAA certified Model 2040 & ICAO compliant Model 2041 Ultrasonic Wind Sensors provide the best solution on the market for reliable, accurate and cost-effective wind speed and directional measurement. The elimination of moving parts, together with a rugged stainless steel construction, means these wind sensors are virtually maintenance-free and require no calibration on-site.

Both models are available with or without de-icing heat and are offered with either analog or digital output.

With a Windows based WindCom communications package, many output modes are user selectable including units of measure, output rate and output format. This flexible design allows these models to be configured by the user to match their exact requirements. For additional information about this sensor, visit our support library.