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Gulf of Mexico AWOS


In 2008, All Weather, Inc. (AWI)GoMex was awarded a contract to provide turn-key installation of 35 FAA certified Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS) for use on oil pumping platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.  The contract included requirements for site surveys, engineering, production, and installation, as well as remote monitoring and system maintenance for a 15 year period.

Product Details & Features

The GoMex AWOS program required that the current AWOS design be adapted for use in an entirely new, more demanding environment.  With sensors that were already designed to meet the most stringent requirements in the harshest environments, AWI re-engineered the AWOS sensor configuration and mounting hardware, as well as the Central Data Platform (CDP) and its enclosure.  The new CDP offered the compact, space-saving design that the gulf oil platforms required, and went on to inspire the design of the AWOS 3000 CDP.

Throughout the course of this project, careful steps were taken to ensure that FAA regulations were met so that each and every GoMex site could be federally commissioned to report certified weather data.


Within the first year, AWI had successfully installed 14 systems on oil platforms throughout the Gulf of Mexico, with the remaining 21 sites scheduled shortly thereafter.  With the remarkable success of the GoMex project and obvious increase in safety for platform workers, AWI is now recognized as the leading provider of AWOS equipment and service for oil platforms around the world.  To date, AWI has more than 40 AWOS operating in the Gulf of Mexico with additional installations slated for this year.

Program Management

In support of the GoMex project, AWI's Program Management Department took a multifaceted approach to planning, execution, and project wrap-up.  Project Managers were an integral part of each project phase.

  • Planning and Design: Highly skilled and technically adept project managers lead the conceptual design of the GoMex AWOS and continued to oversee engineering of the product as it came to life.
  • Site Survey & Installation:  AWI's Project Managers have extensive experience in coordination of site work.  During the GoMex AWOS project, AWI managed all site surveys for planning of AWOS installations, equipment installation and testing, and final commissioning by the FAA.
  • Remote Maintenance Monitoring: As part of the GoMex contract, AWI provides continuous remote monitoring of each site and delivers rapid-response technicians if an AWOS error occurs.  In order to support these sites, AWI employs dedicated field technicians in the Gulf of Mexico, and offers remote support and troubleshooting through our in-house technicians.

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