Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS)

  • High quality recorded voice

  • Fully customizable user interface

  • High fidelity weather integration

  • Flexible multi-language support

Automatic Terminal Information Service

AWI’s FlexIDS ATIS provides the most feature rich, cost effective ATIS solution available today. The fully FAA/ICAO compliant system generates a broadcast containing essential information for pilots approaching and departing an airfield. Having information such as approach, active runway, and weather data available on a continuous broadcast reduces controller workload while minimizing frequency congestion. With FlexIDS ATIS, these broadcasts can be created and maintained in a fraction of the time required by other systems.

Unlike some ATIS products, the FlexIDS ATIS solution can operate as a stand-alone product, or as a fully integrated component of FlexIDS, the premier air traffic management system. This seamless integration reduces cost by eliminating the requirement for a stand-alone ATIS system and allows controllers to work more efficiently without the need to toggle between applications.

AWI’s unique design offers unsurpassed flexibility and customization that puts powerful air traffic management tools at the fingertips of controllers.

High Quality Voice Broadcasting

AWI's FlexIDS ATIS allows for flexible configuration of a real human voice through the introduction of TruVoice technology.

Recorded Voice

Most ATIS voice products in today's market use a computer synthesized voice for broadcast, making it difficult to understand some of the words and phrases when listening over a radio. This is particularly problematic when a required word falls outside of standard English terms or is derived from a foreign language. AWI's TruVoice solution uses a recorded human voice to provide clear enunciation and proper pronunciation.

New sound recordings can be added to the voice library at any time, through the ATIS phrase builder. These recordings can be made for any language supported by the system and will automatically be equalized to a consistent volume to ensure quality of the broadcast. AWI also offers professional voice services as a part of ATIS support. This allows a new voice file to be exported to AWI for professional voice processing, guaranteeing a clear and accurate broadcast.

Multi-Language Support

Using a recorded voice also allows for support of multiple languages without loss of quality. With the ability to apply inflection, the nuances of a human voice make broadcasts easy to understand. For additional customization, alternate pronounciations are available and pacing can be adjusted.

English is the default language for ATIS broadcast. Additional languages can be handled in two ways...

  • Alternating broadcasts on a single channel
  • Multiple channels, each broadcasting a different language