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Micro Response Tail Vane

2020 Micro Response Tail Vane

This is a highly reliable, low threshold wind direction sensor that responds to winds as low as 0.5 mph.  The machined aluminum body is aerodynamically shaped to combat sensor-induced turbulence.  A labyrinth beneath the vane assembly prevents water and dust particles from reaching the sealed bearings at the top of the shaft.  The reinforced, lightweight foam tail has a butyrate skin and a stainless steel counterweight.

As the vane turns, it rotates a stainless steel shaft held in place with instrument-grade bearings.  A waterproof conductive plastic potentiometer is coupled to the base of the shaft.  This potentiometer has excellent linearity.  Very low torque is required to move the wiper.  The use of a single wiper doubles the life expectancy of the potentiometer compared to dual-wiper potentiometers.  Electronic switching inside the signal conditioning module provides an output range of zero to 360 degrees.

For additional details and technical specifications, please download our product data sheet.

Micro Response Anemometers

2030 Micro Response Anemometer

The Model 2030 Anemometer is a highly responsive and rugged 3-cup anemometer designed to measure wind speeds as low as 0.5 miles per hour.  It is constructed entirely of stainless steel and anodized aluminum to resist corrosive environments.  Like it's vane counterpart, the micro response anemometer has an aerodynamically shaped body and utilizes a labyrinth to prevent dust and water from reaching the bearings.

As the cups cause the main shaft to rotate, it causes a slotted disc (known as a Photon Chopper) to move through a photon beam which is generated by a long-life infrared LED.  The interruption of the beam causes a pulse output with a frequency proportional to wind speed.  The photon-coupled chopper is mounted on the connector and can be removed from the body simply by removing the connector.

For additional specifications including a list of field-replaceable parts & accessories, please download our product data sheet.