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Canadian Dept. of National Defence


In 2012, All Weather, Inc. (AWI) was awarded a $5.1M contract to provide Canada's Department of National Defence with an Automated Weather Observing System capable of withstanding some of nature's harshest environments.  The objective of this project is to replace all Canadian Forces AWOS systems and enable military domestic flying operations as well as NORAD continental defence operations and training.

Due to our many years of proven performance both in large-scale contracting, and in equipment design and manufacturing, AWI was uniquely suited to provide the level of service required for this project.

Product Details & Features

AWI's AWOS solution provides timely, accurate, mission-critical weather information to the REDDS, NWS, and CFWOS interfaces as well as local user displays.  The rugged and reliable sensors detect and quantify local weather conditions while high-availability architecture disseminates and logs the data.  Sophisticated self-diagnostic modules continuously monitor system health, report errors, and identify the error source for fast and easy troubleshooting.

At the heart of this AWOS is the AWI COTS MetObserver™ software.  Developed in 2001 and refined continuously since then, MetObserver™ offers human operators intuitive, robust, and enhanced graphical user interfaces for operation, administration, and maintenance.

Although configurations vary slightly from site to site, each AWOS will measure:

  • Wind
  • Runway Visual Range
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Dew Cell
  • Ice
  • Total Precipitation
  • Sky Condition
  • Visibility
  • Lightning

These systems are also equipped with the following interfaces:

  • Runway Lighting Interface
  • CFWOS DPS Interface
  • ATC DPS Interface (REDDS)


Beginning in 2012, Phase 1 consisted of the initial AWOS design, engineering, and test as well as manufacturing and installation of four key systems.  During these installations, AWI provided certified training programs to key personnel within the Department of National Defence.

Beginning in 2013, Phase 2 will involve production and installation of an additional 48 systems throughout Canada, and will constitute the replacement of all Canadian Forces AWOS systems.

Program Management

AWI's Program Managers have taken a multifaceted approach to executing and managing this project, and are currently on schedule for completion of all 52 systems and required training courses by 2017.  Project Managers are involved at every level of planning and execution in order to provide a unified vision for the project and ensure milestones are reached on schedule.

Throughout the course of this program, our experienced Project Managers will oversee...

  • Engineering, Design, & Test
  • Training
  • Production
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Installation

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