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FlexIDS Surface Traffic Management


FlexIDS is AWI's latest generation of Integrated Display Systems (IDS).  Developed with an architecture that is both modular and extensible, FlexIDS can be easily customized for any ATC environment, and can be expanded at any time. It can run on a standalone computer, or on multiple computers in a LAN or LAN/WAN environment. It can display both static and dynamic data from nearly any system that has a defined interface protocol.  Surface Traffic Management (STM) is just one of many subsystems available with FlexIDS.

FlexIDS Surface Traffic Management (STM) is designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of air traffic operations.  FlexIDS STM allows maximization of the efficiency of the aerodrome environment by providing the controller detailed situational awareness data in low visibility conditions.  STM also enhances safety by providing customizable automated "safety nets" which provide alerts to controllers to prevent potentially imminent incidents. 

The Most Highly Integrated Surface Surveillance Solution Available.

When developing FlexIDS and its components, AWI set out to create a truly complete solution, not just another standalone product. Through the power of FlexIDS, surface surveillance is available at any position on the FlexIDS network, whether dedicated, in a partial screen, or just a button click away.

CollisionThe FlexIDS system provides a complete Controller Working Position (CWP) which can be adapted for innumerable site-specific ATC situations and adjusted for the current traffic scenario at the touch of a button.  STM information is presented as a component of the FlexIDS integrated display, allowing complete flexibility for all of your ATC needs.

Optional Components

In addition to the core visual components, FlexIDS STM offers several supplemental components.

  • The STM Tracker Component (STMT) conducts multi-sensor tracking and fusing of all plots and tracks which have been received from various surveillance sensors.  STMT is used when multiple surveillance sources such as PSR, SSR, SMR, SWIM/STDDS, ASDE-X/ASSC, A-SMGCS CAT011, ADS-B, ADS-C, and transponders need to be coalesced into a single view thereby providing a comprehensive surveillance picture of the airport surface.
  • The STM Safety Net Component (STMSN) continuously updates target data and triggers alerts if there is one or more potential collision or violation
  • The STM Airport Resources Component (STMARM) brokers status information about airport resources including, but not limited to, gates/stands, runways, helipads, and deice pads
  • The STM Flight Data Component (STMFD) provides flight data from EFS and other external sources to the STM

FlexIDS STM is designed to be deployed as a turnkey or modular system – as an end-to-end system, an upgrade to an existing system or an extension for an existing partial system. Its highly flexible architecture reduces risk and installation time and allows for future upgrades.  FlexIDS STM does not require or depend upon any one manufacturer's equipment.  We can work with your existing equipment, and can even fuse data from multiple vendors in multiple formats simultaneously.

Through its core components, the STM enables safety, efficiency and capacity improvements on the airport surface and throughout the system.

FlexIDS STM offers real benefits to the controller and the airport operator, as well as airline and FBO partners.  System capabilities include:

  1. Improved situational awareness
  2. Maintaining safety and traffic flow in adverse weather
  3. Safety nets that controllers can trust
  4. Airport status information sharing (CDM)
  5. Billing and statistics

Download the FlexIDS STM brochure here.

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