AWI Offers the First Integrated and Fully Scalable Electronic Flight Strip Solution

Sacramento, CA (June 26, 2014)— All Weather Inc. (AWI) is making Electronic Flight Strips (EFS) cost-effective and accessible for all airports by offering the first integrated EFS system that is fully scalable.

AWI’s EFS solution is leading the industry in functionality, ease of use, and cost savings. This advanced flight data management system offers total coordination of tower, terminal, and enroute traffic through an easy-to-use graphical interface. With FlexIDS EFS, controllers can perform most any function previously done with a paper strip (such as tilting, flipping, or marking) through the high-resolution touch screen monitor. Strips can be updated and augmented with just a few taps on the screen, and they can be moved between controller positions by simply dragging and dropping them where they need to go.

Unlike paper strips, FlexIDS EFS provides customizable workflow and flight strip configurations which means flight strip routing is programmed based on the facility’s unique attributes. Custom flight strip visualizations can be created to maximize screen space, and powerful strip data sharing/locking enhance both efficiency and accuracy within the system. FlexIDS EFS also creates a history of every strip that enters the system. This history not only allows for easy archiving of data but provides the ability to undo any action taken on a strip. These features represent just a few of the ways that FlexIDS EFS is providing controllers with the most functional and efficient system available.

Until now, the costs associated with converting from paper to electronic strips have outweighed the benefit for many smaller facilities leaving the technology available only to the larger aerodromes. That is why FlexIDS EFS was designed with modular scalability in mind, allowing even the smallest airfields to save time and money by eliminating the need to print and manage paper strips. The FlexIDS EFS system provides the benefit of a complete EFS solution on a single workstation while the modular construction allows the system to grow with your operations. Once FlexIDS EFS has been implemented, the system can quickly and easily be expanded by adding working positions, visual components, or system interfaces such as surveillance and weather. FlexIDS EFS interfaces seamlessly with existing flight data management transport subsystems such as FDIO, AFTN, OLDI, and AMHS. In addition FlexIDS EFS is available with a complete flight data processing system (FDPS), including features such as Long Term Conflict Detection (LTCD) and ICAO 2012 flight plan compliance.

As one of the nation’s leading developers of aviation management tools and preferred development partner of the FAA, AWI is committed to improving aviation safety as well as airport profitability by putting cutting edge technology at the fingertips of controllers.

“In response to the ever increasing workload placed on Controllers, AWI has produced a fully integrated EFS solution. This was once impossible due to numerous “stove pipe” systems that provided valuable information but no meaningful integration. FlexIDS creates a powerful interface to multiple sets of operational data thereby reducing workloads and providing greater scalability, flexibility, and situational awareness for the Controller .”
– Jason Hall, CEO

About AWI
AWI is a leading developer of high accuracy, high dependability integrated display and weather information systems – systems that help users minimize risks in an unpredictable world. Offerings include the FlexIDS integrated display system, AWOS aviation weather systems, RVR runway visual range systems, LLWAS low level wind shear systems, ATIS automatic terminal information service, and a wide range of other leading meteorological sensors and systems, including AWI’s patented forward scatter visibility sensors.

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