Surface Traffic Management added to FlexIDS ATC Integration System

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Sacramento, CA (September 18, 2014) — AWI’s new Surface Traffic Management (STM) solution adds another critical ATC system to the FlexIDS working position. AWI’s integration-centric system allows for all the benefits of a surface surveillance system while providing unlimited adaptations and combinations of visual components at every working position. The STM module allows the presentation of surface surveillance data anywhere in the network, so approach and departure sectors can check the status on the ground at facilities they support at the touch of a button – without having to call the tower.

“We don’t just provide all of the stovepipe pieces, and we don’t just put them on one machine, we integrate all of the modules into a single succinct system with all functionality available anywhere on the network.”

– Neal Dillman, CTO

The FlexIDS system provides a complete and scalable Controller Working Position (CWP) which can be adapted for innumerable site-specific ATC situations and adjusted for the current traffic scenario at the touch of a button. FlexIDS allows STM to be cost effectively integrated from a single screen at the smallest tower – where the surveillance feed is a byproduct of a larger metropolitan facility – to the largest international airport – where STM, EFS, ATIS, and numerous other FlexIDS features are deployed across multiple screens at multiple positions.

FlexIDS Surface Traffic Management (STM) is designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of air traffic operations. FlexIDS STM allows the aerodrome environment to achieve maximum efficiency by providing the controller detailed situational awareness data in low visibility conditions.

STM also enhances safety by providing customizable automated Safety Nets which provide alerts to controllers to prevent potentially imminent incidents. AWI’s modular technology makes it possible to easily customize existing or create new safety algorithms to meet customer specifications. The Safety Nets in STM allow the system to comply with A-SMGCS Levels 1 & 2.

“AWI has always been passionate about aviation safety. With the configurable Safety Nets in STM, the ability of FlexIDS to provide safety critical information to the controller has been taken to a new level.”

– Jason Hall, CEO

AWI’s optional STM Tracker (STMT) module takes in data from multiple sources, including but not limited to Surface Movement Radar (ASTERIX CAT010 or CAT011), PSR, SSR, ADS-C, and ADS-B to provide a coherent picture of traffic within the aerodrome. The data received from each sensor is used to generate system “tracks” (of targets and vehicles) to maintain their most recently reported positions. In the common case where multiple sensors overlap, the resultant tracks are fused into a single track. False targets and radar reflections are eliminated automatically utilizing an algorithm in the STMT.

FlexIDS STM offers significant efficiency and safety gains to the controller and the airport authority, as well as airline and FBO partners. In addition to improved situational awareness for all parties, users can expect to reap benefits from limiting or eliminating downtime in poor weather conditions. Operators using the Safety Nets as an additional set of electronic eyes, while sharing surface information with airline and FBO partners, will increase overall safety and minimize possible human error in the process.

As one of the nation’s leading developers of aviation management tools and a preferred development partner of the FAA, AWI is committed to improving aviation safety by putting cutting edge technology at the fingertips of controllers.

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AWI is a leading developer of high accuracy, high dependability integrated display and weather information systems – systems that help users minimize risks in an unpredictable world. Offerings include the FlexIDS integrated display system, AWOS aviation weather systems, RVR runway visual range systems, Electronic Flight Strip systems, LLWAS low level wind shear systems, ATIS automatic terminal information service, and a wide range of other leading meteorological sensors and systems, including AWI’s patented forward scatter visibility sensors.


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