Indonesia Tackles Visibility Issues with AWI RVR Systems

Sacramento, CA (September 16, 2008)In an effort to alleviate flight delays and safety issues owing to frequent low visibility conditions, two separate airfields in Indonesia are installing sophisticated Runway Visual Range (RVR) systems. The RVR systems, developed by All Weather, Inc. of Sacramento, California, use state-of-the-art Dual Technology Visibility Sensors to deliver highly accurate readings for both visibility and RVR.

“Low visibility is a frequent problem in Indonesia, due to an annual cycle of fires that spreads plumes of smoke across large areas,” said Steve Glander, International Sales Manager for All Weather, Inc. (AWI). “Our RVR systems will keep pilots and ground personnel on top of changing visibility conditions, allowing them to adapt their flight plans to avoid dangerously low visibility.”

AWI’s visibility sensors are dubbed “Dual Technology” owing to their use of both direct attenuation and forward scatter technologies. Combining the two enables the sensors to measure airborne particle sizes and types with an accuracy once possible only with traditional transmissometers, while preserving the reliability and affordability of a forward scatter sensor.

The AWI sensors further differentiate themselves with their ability to measure visibility degradation caused by smoke, dust, and blowing sand–unlike standard forward-scatter sensors–and with their accurate measurement of Meteorological Optical Range (MOR), a well-known deficiency in transmissometers.

Determining RVR goes a step beyond standard visibility measurement, requiring calculations that take into account background light and artificial light sources. The Indonesia RVR systems couple the visibility sensors with an ambient light sensor and a runway light setting interface. The outputs of these two additional elements are incorporated into the system’s algorithms to provide a truly representative value for Runway Visual Range.


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