All Weather, Inc.’s Model 7150 Barometric Pressure Sensor Certified by the FAA

Sacramento, CA (September 26, 2012) – All Weather, Inc. (AWI), a leading manufacturer of weather information systems and meteorological sensors, has designed and manufactured a new barometric pressure sensor for use with existing and new Automated Weather Observing Systems (AWOS).  Now certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the rugged and dependable 7150 series of barometric pressure sensors offer reliable, accurate data in even the harshest conditions.

The Model 7150 BP Sensor was designed for accuracy in a wide rage of environmental conditions, making it ideally suited for use with AWI’s AWOS.  These barometers use pressure tranducers with silicon peizoresistive absolute pressure sensors.  The pressure sensors hav excellent hysteresis and repeatability characteristics, low temperature dependence, and a very good long-term stability.

Three models are available in the 7150 series, and vary by the number of pressure transducers in the digital barometer.  Additional pressure transducers allow for operational redundancy, and can be used to flag the digital barometer for maintenance if the variance in readings between the transducers exceeds a per-determined amount.

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