AWI Launches FlexIDS ATIS with TruVoice

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Sacramento, CA (May 9, 2014)— All Weather Inc. (AWI) is excited to announce the release of the latest generation in ATIS technology; FlexIDS ATIS. For years, the Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) has been a vital tool in air traffic management and operational safety. Today, AWI takes ATIS to a new level with features that save time and money, while improving efficiency and safety.

FlexIDS ATIS is the only ATIS solution in today’s market that offers TruVoice. Whereas most ATIS products use a computer synthesized voice to broadcast messages, FlexIDS ATIS with TruVoice uses a recorded human voice, providing unsurpassed excellence in diction and broadcast clarity. TruVoice also supports multiple languages. In order to meet ICAO specifications, English is the default language but the ATIS message can be created in additional languages and transmitted either simultaneously on dedicated frequencies, or alternating on one frequency. The Phrase Builder and Vocabulary Manager work together to allow the creation of new words and phrases in your TruVoice library. These custom words and phrases are automatically equalized so that the entire broadcast is uniform in volume, but they can also be exported to AWI for professional processing, ensuring uniformity and unrivaled quality.

FlexIDS ATIS provides a prompt when an ATIS message is going to expire and the user-friendly interface allows you to create a new or updated message with just a few taps on the responsive touch-screen. Customizable phrasing templates eliminate the risk of accidentally issuing an incomplete or incorrect message and save controllers time by ensuring a quality broadcast.

AWI understands that every facility is unique and FlexIDS ATIS was designed with their individual needs in mind. Often, control towers are only manned during certain operating hours, leaving pilots without fundamental information when the control tower is closed. For these situations, FlexIDS ATIS has incorporated a software-based ATIS-to-AWOS switch, sometimes knows as an AAIU. When the tower closes, this feature automatically switches the outgoing broadcast from the ATIS message to the AWOS/ASOS transmission without changing the broadcast frequency. To further enhance operational safety, the feature will also apply itself when an ATIS message has not been updated and published in a timely manner. Without FlexIDS ATIS, part-time airports require separate AAIU hardware in order to perform this operation and the switching is a manual function, which allows for oversight and human error. With FlexIDS ATIS, this important safety feature is built in to provide a complete solution for every airport.

FlexIDS ATIS is just one more way that AWI is putting powerful air traffic management tools at the fingertips of controllers. FlexIDS ATIS can operate as a stand-alone solution but it can also operate as a fully integrated component of FlexIDS, the world’s leading air traffic management system. When fully integrated, FlexIDS ATIS seamlessly incorporates a multitude of information such as approach, active runway, and high-fidelity weather data to create a truly powerful tool, reducing controller workload and enhancing operational proficiency.

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AWI is a leading developer of high accuracy, high dependability integrated display and weather information systems – systems that help users minimize risks in an unpredictable world. Offerings include the FlexIDS integrated display system, AWOS aviation weather systems, RVR runway visual range systems, and a wide range of other leading meteorological sensors and systems, including AWI’s patented forward scatter visibility sensors.

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