All Weather, Inc. Offers New Wind Rose Charting Service for Airport Planning Projects

Sacramento, CA (March 20, 2006)2006_WindroseAll Weather, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high accuracy, high dependability weather information systems and meteorological sensors, today announced the Wind Rose Charting Service. This new offering provides airport planners and engineers with one year or more of the wind analysis data required by the FAA for new or updated Airport Layout Plans (ALP). The FAA requires an approved ALP to fund projects on public airports. The data is delivered in the form of a Wind Rose chart that shows wind direction and speed at the airport, necessary information for evaluating the adequacy of runway orientation. Wind Rose Charts are used to analyze the operational impact of winds and to determine if the runway orientation has wind coverage within allowable crosswind limits.

To construct the Wind Rose Chart, All Weather gathers one year of wind speed and wind direction data from the locally installed aviation weather system. The service is compatible with any Aviation Weather Observation System (AWOS), Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS), or Automated Weather Sensor System (AWSS). Data is collected, then processed through a series of special wind analysis algorithms. The resulting information is plotted on a Wind Rose chart and delivered graphically in the form of an electronic AutoCAD file for use by the airport consultant.

According to Robert P. Wadell, P.E., President of Wadell Engineering Corporation, airport planning, engineering, and management consultants located near San Francisco, California, “We must have accurate wind data to evaluate airport configurations and to design new facilities to meet ever increasing aviation demand. On-site data is mandatory for well-founded decisions. We just cannot rely on data collected miles away from the airport. All Weather downloaded and processed data for our last project putting us months ahead in the preparation of a time dependent ALP needed to fund projects without waiting another year for the next FAA funding cycle. And better yet, All Weather can download each year of data as it occurs and build a multi-year database that provides for a more reliable wind rose. The historical data can be accessed, if needed, to identify winds on days of aircraft accidents or incidents. With All Weather’s cost effective and prompt wind rose modeling, we can spend our budget and time creating airports instead of crunching numbers!”

“Airport planners and designers need access to a tremendous amount of data in order to make the best decisions regarding airport layout and safety,” stated Gary Wagner, CEO of All Weather, Inc. “Our goal is to provide access to the most current and best weather information. The Wind Rose Charting Service is the latest addition to our series of tools and systems that quickly and easily monitor, record, and analyze the impact of the weather on airport design and operations.”

For more information on FAA wind analysis requirements, see Appendix 1 of Advisory Circular No. 150/5300-13:

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