All Weather, Inc. Introduces First Eye-Safe, Low Power Laser Ceilometer to Simultaneously Measure Up to Four Layers of Clouds at up to 40,000 Feet

Sacramento, CA (April 24, 2006)All Weather, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high accuracy, high dependability weather information systems and meteorological sensors, today announced the Model 8340 Laser Ceilometer. The 8340 is the first ceilometer to use an eye-safe, low power, laser transmitter to measure the height of any cloud type, including Cirrus ice clouds, from 0 to 40,000 feet (13 km). The system is also the only ceilometer capable of simultaneously detecting and measuring up to four layers of clouds, providing reliable readings for pilots and meteorologists in even the most complex aviation weather situations. Advanced digital signal processing algorithms ensure more accurate data measurements in all weather conditions and reduce the chance of false cloud rejection. Eye-Safe Laser Technology, Sophisticated Signal Processing
AWI’s 8340 Laser Ceilometer uses the reliable and accurate Light Detection And Ranging (LiDAR) optical radar technology. It is the only ceilometer to use an eye-safe, low-power laser to transmit light pulses to the cloud base, up to 40,000 feet (13 km).

Cloud height is measured by advanced signal processing of laser scatter as it propagates through aerosols. The algorithms ensure the system provides highly accurate reporting of cloud ceilings in all weather conditions, including heavy precipitation and low clouds, situations that can cause serious errors in other ceilometers. The system can discern extremely thin obscurations, with a resolution of 12.5 feet over the full range of the sensor. Both vertical visibility and ground-based obscurations can be reported while locating higher layers of clouds.

The 8340 Laser Ceilometer is also the only ceilometer to output standard cloud information, such as vertical visibility, ground-based obscurations, and cloud base measurements, as well as the National Weather Service Sky Condition Algorithm, which provides information on sky coverage and variable ceilings. Two outputs are provided for data transmission: RS485 for long distances and RS232 for shorter distances. Each data signal includes measurement of up to four cloud base heights.

Modular Design
The Model 8340 Laser Ceilometer features a modular design and built-in tests that allow for simple field replacement of components without the need for on-site alignment or factory returns. Sophisticated self-tests operate in the background during operation, reporting errors and sending reports to the operator. No consumables are required, such as blower filters or desiccants, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

The Model 8340 is manufactured to the highest standards, FAA AWOS (Automated Weather Observing System) and NWS ASOS (Automated Surface Observing System). It is enclosed in a rugged, weatherproof housing that protects the unit in extreme operating conditions, from –60˚C to +70˚C. A dirty window detector keeps the optical windows free from dust, water, and snow. Battery backup provides operation for up to five hours in the event of a power failure.

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All Weather, Inc. (AWI) is a leading developer of high accuracy, high dependability weather information systems that help users minimize risks in an unpredictable world. The company provides AWOS aviation weather systems, air traffic control display systems, as well as a wide range of high accuracy meteorological sensors and systems, including laser ceilometers, runway visual range systems, lightning detection sensors, and a variety of other meteorological sensors. All Weather, Inc. is the preferred development partner of the FAA. The company’s ASOS, AWOS, and AWSS systems meet the stringent standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and Transport Canada. AWI has installed over 1700 high-end automated weather systems around the globe, working with such leading authorities as the U.S. National Weather Service, ExxonMobil, Cerrejón Coal, and INFRAERO (Brazil). For more information, see

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