All Weather, Inc. Introduces New Runway Visual Range (RVR) System; Dual Technology Sensor Replaces Transmissometers and Meets All ICAO Requirements

Sacramento, CA (June 5, 2006)2006_RVRAll Weather, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high accuracy, high dependability weather information systems and meteorological sensors, today announced the latest version of their Runway Visual Range (RVR) System. The RVR System features AWI’s high accuracy 8364-E Dual Technology Visibility Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, and Runway Light Intensity Interface. Together, these produce an RVR system that combines the precision and accuracy of a transmissometer with the reliability and affordability of a forward scatter visibility sensor. For aviation centers around the world, this means quick access to accurate measurements in any and all weather conditions.

The new RVR System is designed to operate in either a stand-alone configuration or as part of a full AWOS System for all airport categories, from CAT I to CAT IIIB. In addition, it meets all of the recommendations of the ICAO for RVR measurements.

Dual Technology Visibility Sensor
AWI’s RVR System is based on the 8364-E Dual Technology Visibility Sensor. The 8364-E uses both direct attenuation and forward scatter technologies. This enables the sensor to accurately measure airborne particle sizes and types, once possible only with a traditional transmissometer, while at the same time provide the reliability and affordability of a forward scatter visibility sensor.

Unlike standard, forward scatter visibility sensors, the Dual Technology Visibility Sensor is able to measure degradation of visibility due to smoke, dust, and blowing sand. The sensor also overcomes a major problem faced by all transmissometers, poor MOR (Meteorological Optical Range) measurements.

“The new RVR System allows aviation centers of any size to have access to the latest weather measurement technology without the exorbitant costs associated with transmissometers,” stated Gary Wagner, President of All Weather, Inc. “AWI’s continuous research and development have produced significant leaps forward in the area of airport safety, providing airports with the most accurate and reliable RVR and MOR measurements available today.”

Flexible Reporting
The AWI RVR System is available as a stand-alone system with its own Central Data Processor and data distribution system, operating under Windows XP or Linux. METARs (Aviation Routine Weather Reports) & SPECIE’s (Aviation Selected Special Weather Reports) can be automatically generated by the system or output to a central computer for code generation. Customized display options are available for ATC or Meteorological office use. The RVR can also be integrated into a full Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) where the RVR and MOR Data are combined with other sensor data to provide full METAR / SPECI / METREPORTs and other code formats.

Specifications for the Dual Technology Visibility Sensor and RVR system can be downloaded here.

RVR systems are available for delivery in 90 – 120 days ARO. Prices vary, depending on configuration details. Contact AWI for details.

About All Weather Inc.
All Weather, Inc. (AWI) is a leading developer of high accuracy, high dependability weather information systems that help users minimize risks in an unpredictable world. The company provides AWOS aviation weather systems, air traffic control display systems, as well as a wide range of high accuracy meteorological sensors and systems, including laser ceilometers, runway visual range systems, lightning detection sensors, and a variety of other meteorological sensors. All Weather, Inc. is the preferred development partner of the FAA. The company’s ASOS, AWOS, and AWSS systems meet the stringent standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and Transport Canada. AWI has installed over 1700 high-end automated weather systems around the globe, working with such leading authorities as the U.S. National Weather Service, ExxonMobil, Cerrejón Coal, and INFRAERO (Brazil). For more information, see

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